A Chosen Generation seeks to draw out the passion within each individual, nurture it, and enable it to grow into great destiny. Purposed driven lives are rare, which makes it our goal to increase its frequency, by assisting today's youth in finding their purpose. This is done by encouraging and inspiring our youth, and making sure  they know that they are that chosen few and that it is in them to succeed and be Victorious!
Welcome to A Chosen Generation Cafe
Our Mission
To Encourage and Inspire Our Youth
Provide a Safe Haven
Fun Environment
Platform for Expression
Promote Individuality
Spiritual Foundation
"Obscure, peculiar, different but distinctive....You are A Chosen Generation"

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Positive and Honest Feedback
Cafe Events

        Free, Fun, Entertaining,    
  Informational, Great healthy, food,
       Open to the Community

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Host you own Cafe Event; set-up and promotion; as fundraiser for your non-profit business

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Giving Back

Outreach: Encouraging and Inspiring the Youth in our Community

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