What We Do

In the year 2004 Ministry Gifts in Action’s youth ministry saw the vital importance of each child living a life full of potential and hope towards being successful in every way possible. During extensive confrontations amongst each other about teen sexuality, morality, education, spirituality, etc., the conclusion was made that the only way to accomplish this goal is to live a life that is spiritually sound.  The youth group wanted to devise an effective plan to reach out to more of youth within our community so the one viable solution to create a cafe called “A Chosen Generation” was formulated.  Youth from the community would be able to fellowship amongst each other. 
This cafe provides a place where the youth can express themselves in various ways including: dance, song, instrument, comedy, poetry etc. Various artists and speakers would also visit to give encouraging words to the youth and inspire them in ways never imagined. Ultimately, the goal of the youth ministry is to promote a strong spiritual life encouraged to do what is beyond today’s “norm”. To encourage living a victorious life free of the destructions of the world and full of peace and joy. To assist in building up a generation that is strong in faith and follows a life in which is lead by God. A Chosen Generation is where the true love of God is shown through living, having fun, listening, sharing, and building a relationship with peers. 

About Us
A Chosen Generation Cafe began as an idea inspired by the youth in my church. The concept of this particular cafe is to provide a place where the youth in the community can express themselves publicly using their natural talents. We believe in promoting a strong spiritual lifestyle by stressing the importance of individuality and going beyond the “norm” of today’s youth.

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