A Chosen Generation Cafe
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Our Mission:

To provide a place where the youth in the community can express their love for God and fellowship with their peers. To fuction as a safe haven for today's youth in the evenings. To promote a strong spiritual lifestyle by stressing the importance of individuality and going beyond the "norm" of today's youth. To promote a life full of potential, hope, and success, by encouraging expression and the use of talentsl; such as dance, song, comedy, and poetry; in a positive and supportive atmosphere.
To provide a place where the youth can express their feelings and voice their opinions on certain issues with positive and honest feedback from other artist and guest speakers. To suggest ways to make a difference and to combat the problems and issues faced in the daily life of the youth. To ultimately build a confident, purpose-driven generation with a spiritually strong life that is grounded with Faith in God.
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