What We Do

Many young people of today come from broken, dysfunctional or abusive homes, we may label them as unfortunate. Some even leading to a life of depression, self-pity, fear, doubt, incompetence…etc.  The encouragement of young people plays a very important role in the adults that they will become. The lack thereof has greatly increased as time progresses. I want to see the young people in my community stand up and express themselves with passion, not being discouraged by the negative effects of life from things done and what they see but encouraged by the events to come because they have found the formula for success within themselves.  I want to see this motivation being passed to others creating a chain reaction signifying the power of change amongst each other.  

-Grace Bell

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I really enjoyed speaking at your event, I really felt like I was doing what I'm supposed to be doing. 
-Dyonna W.
@Oneoftheleast I enjoyed tonight at a Chosen Generation Cafe. Keep grinding for The Lord. Tonight was very encouraging! #JesusMusic
-Aaron Jones @ajones1524